The Teams Are Recruiting! – Do You Fit the Criteria?



beyONDart is all about following your artistic passion.

We are two casual, chilled (but very well-organized) guys with experience in business, marketing, and finance. We are on a mission to make it possible for visual emerging artists to turn their passion into a source of income without having to deal with galleries and their complicated unfair rules.

We are building the FIRST online rewards-based crowdfunding platform that allows emerging fine artists to create campaigns in order to exhibit their paintings in public spaces away from traditional galleries.

Thanks to MUTINY, we are currently defining the MVP of the concept and doing an initial pilot, which is going great.

We are looking for an open-minded IT person to be our partner (CTO), with experience in data science and web development.

We are fun and casual, so drop us an email or an Instagram message and let’s have a chat over a beer!

Email: hattikuja(a)
Instagram: beyond_art_helsinki


We are the founders of TrashCam, a mobile app that makes recycling easy and playable.

Our team consists of three members at the moment, all specializing in different fields: environmental sciences, business management and IT. Diversity is really important for us and we are looking for people of different nationalities from various backgrounds. Most importantly, we are looking for individuals who share our goal to educate the world on recycling.

We’re in search for:

● Chief Technology Officer – Someone who has technical expertise and knowledge about app building, APIs, and gamification. You should also have some understanding of website management.

● Sales and Marketing Manager – Someone who has experience in planning and selling great products.

If you don’t specialize in any of the fields stated above but nevertheless think your knowledge will be useful in TrashCam, hit us up: trashcamapp(a)


Gedelta is an EdTech startup that first created an AI-based study management platform Co-Teacher. We have broadened our vision and created Nobel School, a virtual school that teaches metacognitive skills that improve learning, starting from high school students. Gedelta is looking for a new direction with a renewed team. Our international team consists of teachers and students, spanning from Bachelors to PhDs.

 We are looking for a new pedagogical community manager. Our new member would work as a content creator providing educational material to our customer community with our PhDs. The same community manager would manage our customer community.

The new team member is required to have finished or nearly finished a Bachelors degree in pedagogical science, psychology, or sociology. Previous working experience with people, especially youth is a bonus.

The barrier for the first contact is kept low. Contact our COO Marjanah Sadiq: marjanah.sadiq(a)


We are Fairchain, a team of four with backgrounds in corporate social responsibility, human rights, and global supply chains. Our common background is at an organization called Pro Ethical Trade ( We have developed a solution that uses SMS-technology for workers to report their human rights violations safely. With AI we produce relevant data of this to global brands.

We are looking for someone to lead the development of our SMS-technology, chatbot, and AI. With us, you will have an opportunity to develop something that can have a big impact on the world. We cannot yet offer monetary compensation, but we are working hard to get funds and our first pilot customer. There is also a possibility to join our company as a founding member.

What we expect from you?

To share our values which are at the core of everything we do and have some experience in the development of systems infrastructure, SMS-technology, chatbots and/or AI.


Introduce yourself: anna.harri(a), 0400878205