Spark Sustainability wins Mutiny with innovative climate communication

Spark Sustainability took home the first prize late on Wednesday night with their service fighting carbon emissions, when the seven finalist teams of Mutiny Accelerator pitched to a full house in the Final event in Tiedekulma.

The winning team is on mission to create a carbon neutral future by empowering people to take on grass root level climate action. One of the first tools one of the first tools they’ve created is the Carbon Donut – a beautifully designed calculator that visualizes the users’ carbon emissions and encourages to mitigate them. Test it here! Eventually, the platform will also show the combined effect of climate actions of larger crowds and provide users with personalized climate tips.

Using the platform will remain free for the users, Amanda Björnberg explained in her pitch. Revenues will be collected from consulting organizations on climate communication, marketing collaborations on the platform, and licensing the Carbon Donut.

Another important part of the mission is building a lively social media community, which has already taken flight: One Spark Sustainability fan even rushed to Tiedekulma to attend the Final after noticing the team’s Instagram live streaming from the event.

”The prizes are really needed at this point”

The jury.

Spark Sustainability’s solution convinced the judges with their clear, tested and appealing concept that succeeds in communicating scientific data in a change-making way. The jury consisted of Impact Consultant Emilia Koski, Entrepreneurship Coach Walid O. El Cheikh and Foresight and Insight Specialist Jenna Lähdemäki.

As the 1st prize, the winning team receives tickets to Slush and a total of 2,500 € from the Think Company Fund. Read more about the Fund here!

”The prizes are really needed at this point. We were just talking about how to fund our Slush tickets, and with the money we can now really embark on our marketing”, tells Amanda Björnberg who delivered the victorious pitch. The other team members are Kyara SmitAnna Eriksson and Felicia Aminoff.

All three teams tackling climate change in the top 3

Pedro Aibeo of team Gamified Cohousing filled the Stage with his energy.

Second place was granted to team Button Program that is creating a platform that makes fighting climate change as easy as a push of a button. They convinced the judges with their data-driven concept that has true change-making power and business potential.

The third place was divided between two teams that impressed the jury with their unique solutions, business potential and hard-working attitude: Useless and Gamified Cohousing.

Useless wants to end over-consumption by building a platform that guides the user to sustainably invest their money instead of buying useless matter. Read more on their site here! Gamified Cohousing is implementing a gamified co-working and cohousing solution in unused buildings to fight loneliness and create sustainable living options.

Life after Mutiny

The Final marked the end of the 2-month intensive phase of the first ever Mutiny, Helsinki Think Company’s idea accelerator for impact-driven, early-stage teams from all academic fields. Now the teams will continue their work in the 6-month incubation phase.

The winning team has the next steps all planned out: First off is their big product launch party next week. After that, they’re developing their service all the while expanding their community further. Up and coming is for example a free online course on sustainability themes.

”We applied to Mutiny to clarify our business model, and that’s what we did. Something we didn’t expect to get were the contacts to the other teams, but now we can actually plan collaborations with the other two Mutiny teams tackling climate change. It’s exciting to see how the ecosystem of climate change focused startups is growing”, Amanda Björnberg said.

Mutiny teams celebrating after the Final.

Finally, the Mutiny Crew would like to thank all of the hard-working teams and the numerous experts that shared their time and insight as workshop leaders, mentors and coaches. Thank you! <3

Want to join the Mutiny?

  • Many of our finalist teams are looking for partners, clients and team mates. If you wish to get in touch with them, the Mutiny Crew is happy to help you.
  • Want your team be part of Mutiny? Stay tuned – it’s going to rise again. Meanwhile, check out Think Company’s upcoming projects here.