Mutiny Teams Unleashed! – Kickstart Weekend

Mutiny began with an intensive weekend launch. The passionate teams worked on their ideas for two whole days, a grand 14 hours in total. Time flew as they worked on different themes at a fast pace so that on the first day the teams focused solely on the problem their idea is solving and mapped the moving parts around it. The second day was dedicated to the solution and mapping the relevant actors and surroundings necessary for the solution and carrying out the action. Finally, the teams got to pitch their ideas to each other for the first time.

”Now we understand better what we’re dealing with as well as our numbers and impact” – Riot Innovations

On Saturday our program mentors Aape Pohjavirta, Johanna Kotipelto, Lauri Kokkila, and Maija Leino introduced themselves to the teams. Mutiny teams received a sparring round from all the mentors and feedback worth gold for their ideas and goals. Besides the teams creating valuable connections with our top-level program mentors and workshop leads, teams also form a community that strengthens and supports each other. The kick-off weekend was important in enabling this. The teams hold in on themselves a wide-range of complimenting skills and backgrounds, hence the know-how capital is immense and carries great potential.

Forerunners of change, the ideas behind the 9 Mutiny teams range from incorporating AI to scanner apps for recycling purposes or transporting hands-on knowledge through robotics and VR all the way to less technical long-awaited ideas like a package-free grocery store or a virtual school for non-institutional learners. Be sure to see an impact!

Mutiny teams 2019 are:

Artisma – An online platform for non-traditional artist and venues

Augnition R – Transporting hands-on knowledge through robotics and VR

Fairbook – The most ethical laptop with sustainable raw materials

Gedelta – Virtual school, Nobel school, for non-institutional learners

Katana Concierge – AI-powered Airbnb host service

Package free – Package-free grocery store

Riot Innovation – Smart power strip to stop wasting energy

Shelf – short term renting service for household goods with delivery

Trash Cam – Incorporating AI to scanner apps for recycling purposes

The guidelines for the kick off weekend, workshops and operating are:

  • “Yes, and!” mentality – encouraging the team members towards openness to new ideas, embracing even the silliest idea instead of limiting sights with a “no, but” thoughts. Through this, striving towards spearheading and constructive doing.
  • “If it’s not documented, it doesn’t exist” – even the most exciting discussion does not benefit the team if there is no black on white. Hence encouraging that when the teams work, there is something concrete to fall back to the next time they meet. Therefore, colorful post-its have become a trademark of Think Company workshops.
  • ”Don’t stop thinking but also start doing” – listening to experts is important but workshops are called workshops for a reason, the idea is for teams to do and further their ideas.