Mutiny of Changemakers was won by a solution that tackles working conditions violations

Semsai Grievance Technologies won the 1st place in Mutiny Showcase, where the seven finalist teams pitched their ideas in front of the audience and jury in Ääniwalli 16 May. Semsai Grievance Technologies is a team with a solution for companies and consumers to be sure that their products are ethical and that human rights are respected globally.

The winning team: Anna Härri, Marleena Wierenga, Riikka Leppänen, and Elina Kalliokoski

Anna Härri, Elina Kalliokoski, Riikka Leppänen, and Marleena Wierenga have developed an SMS-based mechanism that uses artificial intelligence to produce reliable and timely data directly from the workers in global supply chains. This revolutionizes supply chain transparency and empowers millions of people worldwide.

Semsai Grievance Technologies is taking human rights violations seriously and changing the supply chain violations with the solution, which creates more transparency and makes it easy to understand the labor condition in any kind of supply chain. The winning team of Mutiny 2019 received tickets to Slush and 2500 € from the Think Company Fund.  Read more about the Fund here!

Johanna Kotipelto, Pia Santavirta, and Aape Pohjavirta

The Jury of Mutiny Showcase consisted of business and startup experts.

  • Pia Santavirta, CEO at Finnish Venture Capital Association
  • Janne Jormalainen, President of the Board at Finnish Business Angels Network
  • Johanna Kotipelto, Chief Experimentalist at Kokeilun paikka
  • Aape Pohjavirta, Founder & Chief Evangelist at Funzi 
Johanna Kotipelto from Kokeilun paikka gave the opening words of the night: “We need new tools to solve problems. And teams, you are all sure about your problems and how to solve them. You have it in you.”

Top 3 teams are focusing on solving human rights problems as well as ecological ones. 

The jury had a tough decision to make when deciding the top 3 teams of Mutiny. Riot Innovations placed 2nd, a team that came up with Piuha, which is a smart power strip that decreases your electricity usage by automatically turning off devices when they’re not in use.

3rd place went to Trascham, a team, with an idea which changes recycling from complicated must-do work to fun and playable. Trashcam is a mobile app aiming to change the waste sorting and become the first in-hand recycling helper for uses of any age. The 2nd and 3rd team also received tickets to Slush.

Read more about all of the Mutiny 2019 teams here.

Trashcam placed 3rd on Mutiny 2019

 “I was gaining new knowledge every single day of Mutiny. Every workshop and task was useful for the company’s and my personal development.” – Team member of TrashCam

The Showcase was the finale for this year’s ambitious Mutiny accelerator program. This year Mutiny was organized together with Kokeilun paikka. The night was filled with bold solutions, good energy, and amazement. The Showcase marked the end of the six-week intensive phase of Helsinki Think Company’s accelerator for impact-driven early-stage teams.

Now it’s time for the teams to continue their work in the 6-month incubation phase. The winning team Semsai Grievance Technologies has their next steps planned. They are currently setting up the company and doing more research and development. In 2020 they will be piloting in Vietnam.

Ääniwalli filled with over 200 participants during the Mutiny Showcase.

“Mutiny has been a perfect opportunity for us to grow our idea into a minimum viable product. The amount of support and mentoring provided was extremely helpful and something we could not have done without. I’m grateful to have been a part of the program.” – Team member of Shelf

Want to join the Mutiny?

  • Many of our finalist teams are looking for partners, clients, and team members. If you wish to get in touch with them,  check here.
  • Want to join the Mutiny? Stay tuned – it’s going to rise again. Meanwhile, check out Think Company’s other upcoming projects here.

The Mutiny Crew would like to thank all of the numerous experts who shared their valuable insight and knowledge as workshop leaders and Program Mentors. But most of all, we want to thank you all the Mutiny teams of 2019. We are excited to follow your bright future changing the world!


Text: Liisa Lehkonen

Photos: Aamumehu/Tapio Auvinen