Mutiny Finale Close! – A Flash From the Workshops


An Intense six-week Mutiny accelerator program is over halfway through. It’s time to check on our teams and the progress has happened during these weeks filled with workshops and mentoring. After an immersive opening weekend, the teams have proceeded to polish their concepts in themed workshops of rapid experiments, finance, sales, pitching, and branding. The mutineers have put in a vast amount of work passionately refining their business ideas with our top-notch experts.

At Expert Sparring Night on 29th of April, the teams had an opportunity to fill in any leftover gaps of knowledge before the qualification. Nine Mutiny teams stepped up one at a time and pitched their concepts for three minutes in front of the experts and other teams. The experts heard the teams’ concepts for the first time. It’s important and valuable for the teams to challenge themselves pitching their idea again and again for new people who have never heard it before.

Teams got valuable insight from the experts

This year following experts gave their input in spearheading Mutiny teams to make an impact:

Felix Lindholm, Chief Technology Officer at Neuroflux, Co-Founder of Perfektio

Felix has strong experience solving technology problems on early-stage startups; planning and implementing conventions and practices for small development teams and recruiting new members to existing teams.

Maija Leino, CEO at Useless Company

Maija has a strong base in sustainability assessment, especially in life cycle assessment but also in building multi-stakeholder projects. She is a researcher transforming into a start-up entrepreneur and has the skills to help you with starting up your own company.

Oskari Tempakka, CEO at Wave Ventures, Co-Founder at 6K Media

Oskari is an expert in finance as a CEO of Wave Ventures which provides pre-seed funding for extremely promising startups in the Nordics. As a founder of 6K media, marketing company he knows how to sell your idea to the public.

Rudi Skogman, Co-Founder & CEO at Blok Enterprises

Rudi is one of the co-founders and the CEO of Blok which is one of the fastest growing startups in Finland and the fastest growing real estate agency in the country. Rudi is an expert in the field of finance and technology.

Ira Stening, FiBan

Ira is a growth-driven business strategist with 20 years of experience in consultative sales, creation of digital information services, efficient strategy work, and team leadership.

Peter Hänninen, Senior associate at Borenius

Peter advises clients on technology-, data protection-, and general corporate law related questions.On the 3rd of May, in the validation and qualification workshop, the teams were evaluated based on their pitches and how they have advanced during the program. The validating judges determined which teams were ready to continue to the Mutiny Showcase on the 16th of May in Ääniwalli where teams will give their final pitches in front of the judges and the audience

Validating judges evaluated the teams and their goals

Matti-Petteri Pöntiö, CEO at Helsinki Think Company

Reima Linnanvirta, Vice President of Fiban

Elli Saari, Expert in Sustainability at Motiva

Oskari Tempakka, CEO at Wave Ventures, Co-Founder at 6K Media

Seven teams qualified! They filled all the requirements and will continue to further their concepts with a few more workshops on pitching matters, legal advice, and prepping for the big night of final pitches. The Mutiny Showcase will be the finale for this year’s ambitious accelerator program. Come and join the evening in Ääniwalli on the 16th of May.

Stay tuned for the validated teams looking for new members… You might fit the criteria.


Text and pictures: Sari Kivijärvi