Kokeilun paikka co-organizing Mutiny 2019 – how will teams benefit?

In 2019, Kokeilun paikka will share the lead of Mutiny. But what is Kokeilun paikka? Why are they in? What do they have to offer to the Mutiny teams? Johanna Kotipelto, mother figure of Kokeilun paikka, answers all the burning questions.

Interview: Anna Allén

Johanna Kotipelto, what is Kokeilun paikka and why did it choose to join the Mutiny?

Kokeilun paikka is The Platform to co-create ideas for experimentations, search for funding, or team up with inspiring people. And learn from the ones already completed! The best part is that anyone can join in.

As Helsinki Think Company was planning a second round of Mutiny, we spotted a common goal: we want to find the hidden pearls and empower them to find their full potential. We think Kokeilun paikka hides unleashed potential, perhaps the next Angry birds or maternity boxes that just haven’t been discovered yet. By combining Mutiny’s program and Kokeilun paikka’s expertise and service, we can offer teams an amazing set of tools for success.

How do the Mutiny teams benefit from Kokeilun paikka being a part of Mutiny?

We will bring our best experts and large networks to add up to whatever needs the teams may have. In addition, we have quite some experience on how to test and rapidly try out what works – and how to move on after the nine first not-like-this solutions.

Johanna Kotipelto

Why does the Finnish startup scene, and society in general, need piloting and experimentation?

In the world of interconnected systems, uncertainty is the constant companion. The society is us, and we need all the help we can get to figure it all out. In order to dare to explore new horizons with all the risks entailed, experimenting is the number one tool. Actually, the key is to learn, and together learning is faster and much more fun.

What do you wish to see during Mutiny?

Inspiring co-creation, as teams end up learning together, sharing experiences side by side, and sparring each other. We believe Mutiny is true ecosystem building and entails new brilliant possibilities for Finland – or what the heck, the whole globe! – tackling different and difficult challenges.