Package Free


When was the last time you bought a product and kept the package?

Ultimately you throw it away. This is especially true with plastic packaging.
The life cycle of these packages is so short that they end up in the trash can within minutes. This is the problem that we are aiming to solve. To reduce plastic waste by getting rid of plastic packages.

Our solution is a package-free grocery system! Half of the world’s plastic production comes from packaging, specifically 146 billion tonnes. We are constantly surrounded by plastic packages because it is very difficult to avoid them in traditional supermarkets.

By collaborating with existing supermarkets, we capture a larger customer audience and have a bigger impact on our environment. These supermarkets will provide a better shopping experience and be the pioneers in corporate social responsibility. More importantly, our shoppers can live sustainably without sacrificing convenience. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Team members

Anh Luu, Founder, Marketing Communication Specialist

Saper Sahbaz, Business Developer

Aleksandra Tabunova, CFO