”Fighting teenagers’ problematic gaming behavior with a new approach”

Gaming can be a wonderful hobby, but a growing number of adolescents is playing so much it negatively affects their lives and their families’. Applications for controlling allowed screen time do exist, but currently, none of them also take into account console games. This makes the solutions insufficient.

Team KidCtrl answers the growing gaming problem with a new approach: their solution will be available to all devices that adolescents use for gaming and online content, not just online games. They believe the solution can offer huge relief to numerous families around the globe.

The KidCtrl solution is based on scientific research conducted by the team’s Dr. Nikko Männikkö, whose doctoral thesis ”Problematic gaming behavior among adolescents and young adults: relationship between gaming behavior and health” was published on October 2017. The findings of the systematic review and empirical study showed that problematic gaming behavior was especially related to adverse psychosocial health outcomes, namely, anxiety, depression and a preference for online social interaction.

”Our solution we will be hated by the youngsters, but we aim to win Googles best utility Award in 2018 and reach millions of families who suffer from their child’s addiction”, the team promises.

Team members:

Heidi Saari, co-founder

Timo Uusi-Kerttula, co-founder

Niko Männikkö, research advisor