Gedelta’s Nobel School is an open virtual school that teaches participants how to learn better and how to acquire more mindful learning habits. This helps our customers to learn how to control their mind better and to achieve their set goals.


Lack of access to quality education is a key factor in many wicked problems we face globally, be they social, environmental or economical. There are 66 000 of disassociated youth in Finland alone. Additionally, the constant stream of information through smart devices has destroyed our attention span without us understanding what the current information age does to our brain.


Those interested can join our trial version of Nobel School in the cost-free & open Discord community. Nobel School’s orientation course is offered on our Co-Teacher platform, which is an AI-based tutoring platform that guides students through their learning path. Later on, participants have an opportunity to remain as premium members.

Team members

Ari Kaukiainen, Partner, Head of Sales and Partnerships

Elja-Ilari Suhonen, Partner, Founder, Head of R&D

Marjanah Sadiq, Partner, COO

Dr. Aarni Moisala, Partner, Pedagogical and Business advisor, member of the board

Pete Stockley, Partner, Chairman of the board, EdTech advisor