Human rights of millions of people are violated on a daily basis in every industry. Imagine when this hits your supply chain and the media finds out. We want to make it easy for you to understand the actual labor condition in your supply chain. We know you audit your supply chain but we both also know it’s not enough.

With our two decades of experience, we have developed an SMS-based mechanism that uses artificial intelligence to produce reliable and timely data directly from the workers in your global supply chains. This revolutionizes supply chain transparency and empowers millions of people globally.

With our solution, companies and consumers can be sure that the goods they make and buy are truly ethical and that human rights are respected globally.

Team members

Marleen Wierenga, Chief Executive Officer

Anna Härri, Head of Hardware and Production

Riikka Leppänen, Head of Impact

Elisa Kalliokoski, Head of Marketing and Consumer Engagement

In addition, we have a pool of mentors involved in the advisory board of our ongoing research project.