Do you know that art galleries trap artists and make them pay for everything?

Sara is an emerging fine artist, she draws and paints every day. Gender equality is a very dear topic to her, which she addresses constantly through her art.


Sara has to give up her talent, passion, and purpose, as she can’t make a living out of her art because having access to local galleries and museums is really hard. Even if she makes it, the chances of selling art are either slim, or the paintings are very underpriced.

Imagine how nice it would be if Sara could turn her passion into a source of income. Imagine if Sara could exhibit her artwork about gender equality in public places without having to deal with traditional galleries anymore. That is exactly what beyONDart is all about!

Just like the red pill in the art matrix, beyONDart allows emerging fine artists to create their reward-based crowdfunding campaigns in order to exhibit their paintings in public spaces away from traditional galleries and their unfair complicated rules.

Team members

Hateem Al Khuja, Marketing and Product Development

Hamza Fadloun, Finance and Online Content