14 workshops, dozens of experts. Here’s what you’ll learn in Mutiny 2019

In 2019, Mutiny teams will participate in 14 workshops covering all aspects of building an impactful business.  The workshops are led by top-level experts in their fields, ranging from successful startup founders to professors, investors, lawyers, marketing professionals, and more. Here are the themes – names to be announced soon…

Starting weekend: An intensive two-day workshop to start the journey with a deep dive into your problem and solution.

Rapid experiments: Learn how to plan and execute rapid and agile experiments to test your product or service.

Finance: Getting familiar with funding possibilities that fit your business model in particular.

Sales: Learn about how to sell your product in a way that reaches and convinces the right audiences for you.

Pitching: A pitch can be so much more than an elevator speech or a showcase performance on the stage. Engage your whole team into using pitching as a comprehensive tool.

Branding: Get concrete tools for creating a recognizable and unique visual identity that fits your purpose and communicates your brand story.

Storytelling: Get concrete tools for creating a unique, appealing storyline that engages people in your brand and mission.

Community Night: Mutiny and Terkko Health Accelerator teams get together to share their stories and meet ecosystem influencers.

Expert Sparring Night: Pitch for a group of top-level experts and get personal sparring for your team from them.

Validation & feedback: Which teams will qualify to the finals with their concept and pitch? Evening of well-shaped pitches and thorough feedback from experts.

Pitch deck as a tool: How to utilize the use of pitch deck for different situations and for different audiences?

Legal Advice: IPR, SHA, exit plan? 101 to legal matters around an early-stage company.

Perfecting the Pitch: Make your pitch perfect with the best coaches.

Final Prep: Last minute preparations and advice before the final.

Final: Step up on stage and pitch in front of a tough jury. And don’t forget the audience – you never know who’s sitting in the crowd, looking for next changemaking idea.

Next steps: Intensive phase is over. Get together with the Mutiny teams and crew one more time to create your individual next steps plan and discuss hopes and needs for incubation.